Sifu Lou Crockett

“My passion is to share what I have discovered over the past forty years practicing and teaching. The secret is in the stillness”

d3c1a584533a416af97d72729fc6c5b4 For the past decade, Sifu Lou Crockett has been synthesizing and refining his extensive knowledge and experience within one simple system called Enhanced Kinetic Patterning™ (EKP). Lou has over 40 years of progressive experience in studying and teaching physical arts. His studies include Western Boxing, Judo, White Crane Kung Fu, Hatha Yoga and Internal Martial Arts.  His revered teacher Master Raymond Y.M. Chung taught Lou both the Yang and Wu family systems of Taijiquan over several years. Master Chung authorized Lou to teach Taijiquan which he did within the Simon Fraser University Recreation Department. Lou also studied under Tom Suey Eng for 6 years learning Acupressure Massage and Chinese Herbal Medicine. This led to further teaching opportunities for Lou at the SFU Recreation Department and Performing Arts Department. Lou also was a Taijiquan instructor for the Burnaby and Coquitlam Recreation Department.

As well over the years, he has facilitated numerous workshops and camps in Taijiquan and Acupressure Massage. As a life long student, practitioner, and instructor, Lou continued to enhance his knowledge and craft studying with Mike Sigman and Grand Mater Zhang Xue Xin as well as attending workshops with Chen Family Standard Bearer Master Chen Xio Wang. Lou’s organizational affiliations include membership in the Vancouver Kung Fu Society, Tiger Balm International Martial Arts Tournaments Vancouver, Ken Lowe’s Chinese International Martial Arts Tournament, and the Wushu BC (formerly Vancouver Kung Fu Society “GASAI”).