Understanding one’s core strength and learning to apply this knowledge and skill to everyday activities is the primary focus of EKP Workshops and Courses. EKP also offers considerable benefits for anyone studying Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Taijiquan, Aikido, internal and external martial systems or engaging in sports like football, hockey, baseball, soccer, and golf, etc.

EKP Exercise 4 NewEKP

Is a series of simple movements and patterns taken from specific traditional internal martial systems that were designed to maintain healthy joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, while increasing circulation, provide structural stability and increase whole body strength. These are combined with specific breathing techniques which increase brain activity and decrease fatigue.

EKP Introductory Workshop: 2hrs
Brief Overview & History – 15 min.
Demonstration of Joint Manipulation Techniques and Breathing Techniques for standing, rising and sitting – 15 min.
Direct participation in a series of whole body exercises to acquaint participants with patterns and physical feedback – 1 hr.
Question and Answer period – 30 min

EKP 12-Month Program
Weekly Ongoing Sessions – 1 hr.
Introduction of new patterns and techniques – 30 min
Individual work and question and answer – 30 min
For maximum results – 30 sessions