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The central role of core stability and “Moving from the Centre”

What are the core muscles? Your body’s “core” is made up of various muscles that surround and support the lower trunk and connect the pelvis to the ribs. These muscles stabilize the spine, helping it to keep its position, and create a solid base of support for movement. Transversus abdominis This is the deepest internal abdominal muscle that wraps round the lower trunk for protection and stability. It is activated by pulling the navel towards the spine in a move called “abdominal hollowing”. This muscle almost always acts first to help stabilize the spine before any muscular exertion, and is…
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Traditional Standing for Beginning Students

Zhan Zhuang are methods of training the transmission of relaxed strength through the entire body. STANDING GONGS (ZZ) have a long history in Asian health and martial systems. There are numerous variations. Every village/school has their own take on what it is, how to do it and what it’s for. The majority of information on the web and elsewhere links the practice of STANDING to “Qi Gong” practice. Qi Gong exercises rely primarily on visualization and breath control to cultivate “Qi” and or “energy”. Most of the information, training techniques, personal practice and what I share is drawn from the…
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The Origins of EKP

EKP – “Enhanced Kinetic Patterning”. This is where it comes from… I’ve been teaching and working with people since the early 80’s. Until 1997 I was teaching what I had learned from Grand Master Raymond Y.M. Chung here in Vancouver. Master Chung studied a variety martial styles before coming to Canada. What he taught publicly was basically Taijiquan. I had been introduced to the Wu Family system prior to meeting Master Chung so he decided to teach me his version of the style. I studied with him for seven years. My personal learning style was and still is to observe,…
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“Sitting Kills, Moving Heals”

Rediscovered this article and interview that I want to share. Our Silk Reeling work fits perfectly here: – If you’re like most people, myself included, you probably spend a large portion of each day in a seated position. It’s hard to avoid these days, as computer work predominates, and most also spend many hours each week driving to and from work. Mounting research now suggests that sitting in and of itself is an independentrisk factor for poor health and premature death—even if you exercise regularly. Dr. Joan Vernikos, former director of NASA’s Life Sciences Division and author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals, presents a simple yet powerful…
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The Mechanics of Movement

It occurred to me that when reflecting on the mechanics of movement… specifically the methods we are studying… words can get in the way.

 Here’s what I mean. Considering the huge disconnect we here in the West have with body parts partly because we use Latin name like “sternum”, “clavicle” “femur” “trochanter” “flange” etc etc. it seems unless one speaks Latin one would have no idea real what those parts are or their function.

So I’m thinking… early descriptions and images relied on a completely different system. The Taoist approach was symbols and comparisons to the natural world. If you knew…
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Sitting All Day

Are you sitting while reading this? According to Apple chief Tim Cook “sitting is the new cancer”. That probably caught a lot of attention back in February 2015. Sure Tim was hyping the new Apple Watch and used a “grabber” expression to draw attention to some of the benefits of his product but… IS sitting down bad for your health?Apropos, have a quick read of this UK article: “Is Sitting Down Bad For My Health” Now give this some thought. Would you stand more at work or at home if it were fun? If you had something to do besides “stand” or…
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