EKP is a unique movement system designed to enhance any movement, fitness or conditioning program. And it can stand on it’s own as a personal daily body maintenance system.

EKP is a system for developing healthier habits of movement throughout one’s daily life at work, at home, and at play. The system is comprised of various easy to remember patterns of movement, which incorporate deep breathing, that can be done anytime any where. EKP does not need special clothing, shoes, or large amounts of space. Nor does it require memorizing long complex movement sequences.

EKP brings mindful movement to everyday activities

  • At Home: lifting, opening and closing, carrying heavy items, doing home repairs, doing daily chores
  • At Work: sitting, rising, climbing stairs, reaching, opening and closing heavy doors
  • Out & About: carrying laptops and back packs, entering & exiting vehicles, walking, biking
  • At  Play: as a warm up cool down system. A gentle stretching and “loosening up” or calming down strategy. Centering and balance. Adding “extra” strength when needed.

EKP can be very helpful in physical rehabilitation programs and for those with a physical disability. It can be used effectively in conjunction with personal fitness programs. EKP also offers considerable benefits for those studying Dance, Performance Art, Yoga, Pilates, Taijiquan, Aikido, and other internal martial arts systems.

EKP is a great supplement to traditional sports like football, hockey, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, etc.

Sifu Lou Crockett created EKP to make these unique movement techniques accessible to everyone at every stage and walk of life. It synthesizes forty years of study and teaching a wide selection of Asian martial systems and primarily the Chinese Internal Martial Arts. (Sifu is a Chinese word meaning ‘teacher’ and/or ‘master’. It is conferred on one who has great skill and experience.)